General Information

Staying Connected while on Isla

To call Isla Mujeres: Mexico’s country code is 52, Isla’s area code is 998 and all phone numbers are 7 digits. So, if you are calling from the United States and Canada you would dial:
011 (International code) 52 (country code) 998 (area code) and the 7 digit phone number.

Example: 011 52 998 XXX XXXX

To make international calls FROM Mexico you dial access code 001 for the US and Canada; and 00 + country code for the rest of the world.

Most US cell phones will work in Isla – you should call your provider before you go to Mexico and tell them you will be in the Cancun Mexico area (some providers offer temporary plans for travelers) and you want to make AND receive calls while there. This can be expensive.

Another option is to buy or rent a basic Telcel cell phone while on the island. You can add credit to the phone at the OXXO and 7/Eleven in Centro and at Chedraui.

With wifi available at most hotels, the cheapest way to keep in touch is to install Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or similar app on your mobile and laptop as well as on the devices of family members back home.


Electricity on Isla Mujeres

Mexico's electricity system is the same as that of the USA: 120 V; 60 Hz.

You may need a socket adaptor.  Older hotels might have only two flat prong sockets that do not accept three-prong plugs (like most electronic cords= so it is recommended that you bring your own 3 prong adapter.

Safety on Isla

Isla Mujeres is a small friendly island that is very safe and any crime tends to be mostly crimes of opportunity. Don’t leave valuables unattended – for example, do not leave your camera or bag in a golf cart or on the beach unattended. If you’re renting a house or apartment, do not leave your laptop on a table next to an open window while you are out and about. Basically - do not leave your common sense at home.


The fairly large navy base on the island helps keep things tranquil. Don’t be surprised to see them at the ferry dock with their drug detection dogs (please do not try to pet them), patrolling the beaches and streets.


The US government warning and the stories in the media relate primarily to drug and violence problems in border towns over 1000 miles away from Isla Mujeres. That said, do not get involved with drugs

and do not go anywhere alone with someone you don’t know. Like every other place in the world, be cautious, be observant, use common sense and be a good visitor!

The Water

Drink only bottled water, although using tap water to brush your teeth, or inadvertently getting a little water in your mouth while showering should not cause concern. And be sure to drink lots! It’s the tropics and your body will thank you for the extra liquid. Often health issues attributed to food or water changes are caused by dehydration more than anything else. Restaurants use purified water for ice, and most wash fruits and veggies in it, or use Microdyn. If you have a kitchen and do some of your own cooking, be sure to purchase some Microdyn to wash your fruits and vegetables.

Please Recycle

We are very proud of our recycling efforts on Isla. Throughout the island and at several locations in Centro you’ll see large recycling bins. Please try to hold on to your plastic bottles and cans until you can deposit them into the recycle bin.


Better yet, bring a sturdy reusable water bottle with you or buy one here. You can fill it from the garrafons (large 20 liter water bottle) at your hotel or rental. Be sure to download the free "TAP" app for your mobile.


Thank you!

Use Sunscreen

The sun is very intense in the tropics. Even if it's a cloudy day. All national parks require biodegradable sunscreen so if you plan on getting into the water use the biodegradable kind. You can find it at most pharmacies on Isla and at many tourist shops.

Drug Stores

There are several pharmacies in Centro that sell prescription and over-the counter medicines as well as basic drug store supplies such as sunscreen, band-aids, etc.


Farmacia Similares also on Av. Juarez 2 blocks north
Farmacia Isla Mujeres on Av. Juarez near Banamex
A small pharmacy is located in the San Francisco Express Super Market on the town square. Their selection is limited.


Outside of town, Chedraui super store located mid-island has a small pharmacy.
Farmacia Similares is just up the road on the corner next to the baseball field.

Medical Care

English speaking doctors on Isla Mujeres


Dr. Greta Shorey has opened her new clinic located mid-island. Office hours are 9am-2pm and she does make house calls! You can email her if you have important medical questions regarding your trip to Isla Mujeres or you can leave a message on Facebook.


Office Tel: (998) 888 0084

Emergency Mobile: (998) 402 6874


Dr. Antonio Salas is an English speaking general medicine doctor. His office is located in Centro on Av. Abasolo, a half a block up from Av Hidalgo. Feel free to write to Dr. Salas if you have important medical questions regarding your trip to Isla Mujeres.


Office Tel: (998) 845 2370


Hospitals on Isla Mujeres


The main hospital is located mid-island across from Hacienda Mundaca. They are equipped to take care of emergencies.

The Red Cross of Isla Mujeres is located just up the road from the hospital and provides emergency ambulance services


Hospitals in Cancun

The Hospitals in Cancun offer advanced medical facilities.

Galenia Hospital at (998) 891 5200

HOSPITEN  (998) 881 3700

AmeriMed Hospital (998) 881 3400

Hospital Americano (998) 884 6133

AMAT Hospital (998) 887 4422



Dental Splash on Isla Mujeres, located on Jesus Martinez Ross Lote 4, Salina Chica


Dra. Victoria Arteaga Elizalde
Tel (998) 221 6026 & 998 173 4592


Dentists in Cancun:


Dr. Rodrigo Tello Peón is an English speaking dentist in Cancun. Located at #18 B Ave. Robalo, just a 10 minute taxi ride from Puerto Juarez. Tel: 998 884 1743


Dr. Victor Gallegos is located in Plaza San Angel on Av. Acanceh just across Plaza Las Americas on Av. Tulum. Tel: 998 887 3832 Website:


Dental Destinations Cancun which specializes on Dental Vacations and Dental Clinic Dentaris a full service dental clinic located on Av. Tulum in Cancun have English speaking doctors.


Lu Dentistry - Dr. Lourdes Porras is an English speaking dentist from Washington DC specializing in periodontics, oral rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry. Contact her by WhatsApp at: (998) 238 1878, email or on Facebook.


Veterinary Care

The Clinica Veterinaria de Isla Mujeres, led by Dr. Delfino Guevara, is a full service veterinary clinic located on Isla, including 24/7 emergency services.


Dr. Jose Vega (Pepe) is an English speaking Cancun veterinarian who crosses to Isla daily and will make house calls. Contact him via email


Pet Grooming - David Torres is an English speaking University student who has worked at his mother’s veterinary clinic in Cancun for years. Contact him at to schedule an appointment.

Walking and Driving

The streets of Isla are narrow and often crowded with mopeds, golf carts and taxis filled with happy sightseers as well as locals so be aware as you explore the town. With the exception of Av. Rueda Medina (the main street in front of the ferry docks) which turns into Av. Lopez Mateos at the north end, all the streets in town are one way. Av. Hidalgo, the main street for restaurants and shops, is pedestrian only BUT the cross streets are open to traffic so look both ways before you cross the intersection!


Outside of Centro most streets run both ways and there are many speed bumps (called topes). Most of the streets are also quite narrow, with children and dogs playing, so please drive carefully and under no circumstances let anyone drive the golf cart or moped if they are underage or have been drinking. As always, safety first!!

Useful Information

Consulates - All Consulate offices are located in Cancun and the majority have 24 hour emergency service. For the full list of consulates with their address, contact information and office hours please go to:


Police - The Police station is located on the main square. Tel: 877-0082 Emergencies dial 066


Harbor Master/Port Captain's office is located on Av. Rueda Medina next to the Navy Base and the phone number is: 877-0095


Post Office - The Post office is located near to the main Macado on Av. Guerrero at Lopez Mateos and is open weekdays from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, on Saturdays from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. The telephone number is: 877-0085. If you need mail sent to you, use the following address and the post office will hold your mail for up to 10 days;

Your Name
Lista de Correros
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo
CP 77400 Mexico


Telegraph Office - The Telegraph Office's number is 877-0113. It is located between the Post Office and the Macado.


Laundry - Isla Mujeres has several Laundromats in Centro and outside of town, Tim Phó's (Tel: 877-0529) and Wash Express. Both are located on Av. Abasolo


Internet Cafes - There are many Internet Cafes located throughout downtown Isla Mujeres and even some in the Colonias. Most of the hotels, apartments and private homes offer free WiFi for their clients.



For those coming to Isla by private boat there are several full service Marinas.


Enrique Lima's Marina
Centro, in front of the gas station
Tel: +52 (998) 877-0252 & 877-0173


Puerto Isla Mujeres Resort and Yacht Club
Located on Laguna Macax - mid-island
Tel: +52 998 287-3340
Fax: +52 998 287-3346


There are also several small marina’s along the airport road and the lagoon.


El Milagro Marina & Villas
Marina Club Makax
Marina Paraiso
Bahia Tortuga


Churches & Synagogues


Inmaculada Concepcion - Centro, In front of the main Plaza


Virgen de Guadalupe - Colonia Salinas


Sagrado Corazón de Jesús - Colonia Gloria


Chabad Isla Mujeres - Centro, the corner of Hidalgo and Abasolo


Evanangelica Presbiteriana - Colonia Salina Grande