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Isla Mujeres Weather

Weather or Not: Isla Mujeres Edition

Our little slice of paradise boasts weather that complements the laid-back yet adventurous lifestyle here. Whether you’re soaking up the sun, embracing the fresh evening breezes, or dancing in the rain, every forecast is just another reason to love Isla even more. Before you dive into the expert sites we’ve linked below, here’s a quick snapshot of what Mother Nature typically has in store for us!

Isla Weather Snapshot

🌞 Average Temperatures: Around a toasty 80°F/27°C. It’s like the island’s giving you a warm hug, every day!

💧 Humidity: Averages around 75%. Yes, it’s a bit like living in a natural spa – great for your skin, though your hair might have its own opinion.

🥵  UV Index: Seldom dips below 6. So, sunscreen is your bestie here – slather it on like you’re icing a cake!

😎  Summer Temp Tip: You know that whole “feels like” temperature weather sites have? It’s real. When it says 85°F/30°C but feels like 105°F/40°C, it’s not kidding.

💨  Winter Wind Tip: The time of the “Nortes” – northern fronts that bring a cool breeze with some rain. So pack a sweater or a light jacket for those evening strolls. Locals wear puffy jackets and scarves – really we do!

☔  Rainy Days: In summer, we often get quick but dramatic rain and lightning storms, unless a tropical depression is overhead then the streets turn into rivers but quickly drain away. And in winter, we usually just get occasional polite showers.

🌈  Local Weather Quirk: We don’t have our own weather station! So, when you check those weather apps and websites, remember they’re based on the weather stations at Cancun airport or downtown Cancun.

It’s like this – the closest weather station might be a mere 11.5 km away (that’s 7 miles as the crow flies), but the weather on Isla Mujeres can be totally different. Those small rain storms? It might shower for a only 30 minutes on our shores, while Cancun gets a full 3-hour spa treatment of rain. And get this – there have been days when it’s pouring down in Cancun, but here? We might not even get a drop!

So don’t let those weather apps fool you with their rainy predictions. Look at the cloud cover maps (links below), and more often than not, you’ll see Isla basking in glorious sunshine.

🌀 Hurricane Heads-Up: Yes, the Caribbean can get gusty with hurricanes, and Isla has seen some historic ones – remember Wilma and Gilbert? But, here’s a comforting note: In the last two decades, we’ve mostly been lucky, with just a brief hello from the edges of Hurricane Grace in 2021.

Officially hurricane season is from June through November with September and October the most active months. So, when you’re planning a trip during hurricane season, it’s smart to get travel insurance – just in case!

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Did you know that Hurricanes Wilma & Gilbert are the two most intense tropical cyclones on record for this side of the world and they both sat on Isla Mujeres.

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