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Family Fun on Isla Mujeres

Traveling with Kids?

Isla Mujeres is a treasure trove of adventures for the young and the young at heart. Whether your tribe is into splashing around in the gentle waves, exploring the vibrant underwater world, or embarking on a journey to discover the island’s whimsical charm, there’s a sprinkle of magic around every palm tree. Our Family Fun guide is packed with the best spots and activities to keep the giggles going and the memories flowing.

Family-Fun Guide Snapshot

Gear and Gather: Pack it, rent it, or snag it– gear up for the adventure.

Tiny Toes in the Sand: Sandy havens, meet the ‘fishies’, and treasure hunts.

Splash and Giggle: Snorkel splashes, dolphin hi-fives, and water slides.

Wheel and Discover: Centro wanders, golf cart quests, and Punta Sur peeks.

Furry and Feathered Friends: Ranch romps and rescue rendezvous.

Slide and Soar: Park playdates, swing-alongs, and kite flights high in the sky.

Rain or Shine Playtime: Crafty hours, cooking fiestas, and community frolics.

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Pack or Procure - Kid Gear Guide

Snorkeling Face Masks: They’re a game-changer, especially for newbie guppies and yourself. They offer a better fit and a wider view under the waves.

Water Shoes: Because the Caribbean side of the island is shell-hunting heaven, but flip-flops won’t cut it against the slippery rocks.

Sun Protection Gear: UV shirts, eco-sunscreen, lip balm, hats, and sunglasses are must-haves. And if your luggage is on the brink of exploding, worry not!, Hit up Chedraui Super Market or Bahia Dive Store once you land on our sunny shores.

Beach Toys: Rent them at Isla Rentals or snag some at Chedraui, then play it forward by donating them before you leave. It’s a win-win!

Acupressure Wrist Bands: Because nobody wants to reenact a scene from The Exorcist on a boat.

A Kite or two: Seriously, bring a kite. Isla’s breeze is practically begging for it. More on this windy affair later.

Beach Time

Playa Norte, where the soft white sand and calm, shallow turquoise waters are as constant as a toddler’s fascination with sandcastles. Venture around and you’ll soon find your family’s “vibe” – whether it’s the chillax or the thrillax zone.

First-Time Snorkelers:  
Just around the bend of the eastern tip, past the wooden bridge, is a kiddie snorkeling paradise. But remember, under the bridge is troll territory; steer clear!

Las Hamacas Beach Club: 
It’s like a rainbow exploded here, with kayaks, volleyball, and quirky photo ops galore. And when nap time calls, there’s a tranquil nook with hammocks awaiting your sleepy angels. Hammock 101: Tie the sides above them creating crib-like “walls”. Ask a staff member for a demo and double-check those ropes.

Beachy Spaciousness:
If your kiddos have energy surpluses that could power a small city, the spacious ends of Playa Norte and the southend area of Playa Centro are your go-to. They can run, tumble, and play tag without toppling over sunbathers.

Treasure Hunting in the Caribbean:
The southend Caribbean shoreline of Isla Mujeres is where shell, coral, and sea glass treasures await. Armored in water shoes, your little treasure hunters (and you) will be in beachcomber heaven. Remember, no swimming here!

Watery Adventures

Getting them into the water? Piece of cake. Getting them out? That’s the challenge!

dolphin discovery 5
New Friends at Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery: Where you and the kids can go fin-to-fin with dolphins, high-five cheeky sea lions, and whisper sweet nothings to gentle manatees.

Garrafon Reef Park: It’s where snorkels meet paddles, and where your teens can zip-line their adrenaline out. Kiddie pools and activities? Check. Adult sustenance in the form of buffet and drinks? Double check!

Garrafon de Castilla: Call it the chilled-out Isleño cousin with snorkeling galore without burning a hole in your pocket.

Kin Ha: With a waterslide, paddle boards, a water trampoline, and a rope swing at the end of the dock, it’s for when the teens are craving a bit of adrenaline and you need a moment to breathe!

Aquatic Fun Park: With pool and ocean waterslides, beach activities and a buffet lunch included in the all-inclusive day pass plus life vests for safety, this place is a liquid playground! Tours from Cancun might bring in a crowd, but hey, that’s more friends to splash around with!

Swim with the Whale Sharks (May – September): Set sail early morning to the gentle giant’s hangout, take turns swimming alongside them, then sail back with a pit stop for reef snorkeling and snacks. It’s a fin-flipping fantastic day out for everyone 7 and up. Tummy twirling at sea? Acupressure wrist bands are your pals (and maybe pack something stronger—just in case).

Snorkel Tours around the Island: Make a splash at the Lighthouse reef, glide over Manchones reef, and play peek-a-boo with fish at the MUSA underwater sculpture museum. With tours lasting 2 to 3 hours, there’s plenty of time for aquatic adventure. Gear up, dive in, and let the marine high jinks begin!

Dive in: Got a budding Jacques Cousteau? Kids 8 and up can dive into a new underwater hobby at Pocna Dive Center. With kid-sized gear, they’ll take their first breaths underwater in a shallow pool. And for the slightly older guppies (10 and up), the “Discover Scuba Diving” course could be the start of a lifelong love affair with the deep blue.

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Catch the Big One with Keen M

Go Fishing: Ready to reel in some family memories? Hit the seas for off-shore or deep-sea fishing and let the tall tales begin. And when you hook the big one, some restaurants will even grill it up for dinner!

Wing Diving: Channel your inner Aquaman and glide underwater. If the kiddos can hold their breath for a tick, they’re in for a wing-diving thrill. Solo flights start at 8 years old. It’s like being a superhero, only wetter!

Envatours Clear Boat: For those who prefer to stay dry while exploring Davy Jones’ Locker, hop aboard a transparent boat. It’s a see-through thrill for all ages, making it the perfect floating peephole to the underwater world!

Landlubber Delights

Centro’s Charm: 
Wander the streets with an open heart and a tight grip on your gelato. With souvenir shops galore and tons of Instagram photo-ops, its a feast for the eyes! La Pulga Flea Market is a must-hit for knick-knacks, tropical threads and ‘Oh-I-need-this’ finds.

The Zocalo: 
The town square where your kids can hop, skip, and jump, while you can snack, relax, and people-watch. Av. Hidalgo (the pedestrian-only street) begins at the Zocalo goes through the center of town. Be sure to keep hold of the little one’s hands when nearing the cross streets that are not pedestrian-only.

Golf Cart Gala: 
Download MapChick’s Isla Mujeres app and embark on a golf cart tour around Isla. But remember, kids driving golf carts is a big no-no, unless you fancy a chat (and a fine) with local law enforcement.

Punta Sur (South Point):
Where the wild waves meet whimsical sculptures and Mayan ruins. As you meander down the windy path to the Mayan ruin at the tip, you’ll be flanked by statues that are as cool as your kid’s reaction to them. Now, wave magic happens on the paths down below where the cliffs meet the Caribbean Sea. The waves crash and shower down in a display that will have the kiddos giggling and gasping.

Furry and Feathered Friends

While you’re gallivanting on the southern end, make a pit stop at Rancho Capricho. It’s a small ranch but packed with big surprises! With horses, geese, chickens, pigs, and even peacocks strutting about, it’s a barnyard bonanza. Plus they serve up some mean tacos too.

A visit to Isla is incomplete without snuggling up with your fur-ever best friends at Delfino’s vet clinic. But be prepared, you might just find a fur-ever friend to take home.

Slide and Soar

isla mujeres p p 89
Isla’s Kiddie Play Parks

Scattered around Isla Mujeres are play parks fresh out of a facelift, ready to entertain your energetic munchkins. Swings, slides, and climbing castles await their conquest, usually opening up for adventure around 4:00 PM. And for the sporty kids in the family, there are tennis and basketball courts, baseball and football (soccer) fields in the colonias. Plus, a skate park on the Caribbean side just past Airport road is there to grind some gears!

Hacienda Mundaca is closed for renovation but if the gates are open you might be able to peek inside.

And kites! Bring a couple of kites and get ready for some high-flying fun! Even if the wind gods aren’t in favor, your tots will have a riot running around the beach, dragging their kites along. Just steer clear of the sun-soakers soaking up the rays. The prime spots are at the Playa Media Luna coves downtown facing the Caribbean and on the south end, right where the island begins to rise into cliffs across from, erm, the garbage transfer station.

Rainy Days or Too-Much-Sun Days or Any Day!

When the sky decides to throw a little wet party, or the sun has kissed the skin a tad too much, there’s no need to let the fun sink. Isla has indoor adventures aplenty!

Creativity Unleashed:
For the budding Picassos a session at Arte Yadis De la Torre Gallery & Classes is the way to go. You’ll love it, the kids will love it, and Yadis will love it too. Check out her page for a taste of the artistic feast that lies ahead.

Now, if you and the kids have a knack for arts and crafts, the Women’s Beading Co-op is the spot to hit. Under watchful eyes (we don’t want the tiny ones turning beads into snacks), your clan will have a blast learning how to string together memories, one bead at a time. Bracelets, earrings, and perhaps a newfound love for crafting await. Scoot over to the Isla Mujeres Women’s Beading Co-op page for the deets!

isla mujeres p p 119
Learn to cook with Abuelita Angelita

The aroma of adventure can sometimes be found in the kitchen. Especially when Cooking with Abuelita Angelita. This isn’t just about whipping up Yucatan delights, it’s culinary fun meets Spanish 101 and you get to devour your creations at the end.

The Turtle Farm: This gem will be back in action soon, stay tuned!

Life on Isla is a melody with children as the sweetest notes. The island throbs with family-centric festivities, recitals, and special events all year round. A peek at our Isla Mujeres Events page or a quick scroll through the local Facebook pages will unveil a treasure trove of kiddie delights happening during your stay.

Foodie Notes:

Isla’s eateries welcome kids with open arms. While a handful of eateries boast the classic “kid’s menu”, most places have diverse menus, with something to tickle even the fussiest of taste buds. And if all else fails, many are happy to whip up a cheese quesadilla to silence the hungry outbursts.

Now, while the island is mostly a kiddo-welcome zone, there are a few spots that have hung up a ‘No Minors, Please’ sign (mainly the Adults-only resorts) and a couple beach clubs. So unless you fancy explaining the nuances of candlelit romance to your tots, you’ll likely steer clear of the dimly lit, romantic nooks.

A nugget of wisdom for the food-savvy parent: Buffets are a feast for the senses, but be sure to swoop in early. The tropicals have a knack for turning delightful dishes into a breeding ground for tummy monsters.

So grab your sunhats, slather on that eco-sunscreen, and go off to create a tapestry of joyful giggles and sun-kissed memories on this slice of paradise called Isla Mujeres!

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