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Handy & Essential Contacts

The Practical and "Just in Case" Contacts

Below you’ll find everything from emergency contacts and support services to marinas, laundries and co-working spaces.

Read (or at least skim) Isla 101 The Essentials and Travel Tips pages or jump to our FAQ page for answers.

Info & Contacts Snapshot

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Essential Services and Support

Making Phone Calls: Mexico’s country code is 52, and all Mexican phone numbers have 10 digits, including the area code.

+ (Plus Sign): Start any international call with this. It’s a global way to bypass the need for entering your country’s IDD code.

To call a Mexican phone number, no matter where you are, simply dial: +52 then the 10 digit number.

Emergency Contacts

911 is the official emergency number for all public emergency services

Police:  998 999 0051

Red Cross:  998 877 0280

Civil Protection:  998 877 0106

Community Hospital:  998 877 0117 

Navy Search & Rescue:  998 877 0194

Harbourmaster:  998 877 0095

Naval Hospital:  998 877 0001

Ecology:  998 274 2579

Medical Contacts

English Speaking Doctors on Isla

Dr. Antonio Salas:  Office 998 688 4630
Emergency: 998 845 2370

Dra. Greta Shorey Office 998 888 0084
Emergency: 998 402 6874

Dra Xhanat Tze Mora:  998 233 1054 

Dra. Victoria Arteaga Dental Spash998 173 4592

Dra. Martha Navarro Dental Clinic:  998 238 9612

Private Hospitals in Cancun

Hospital Galenia:  998 891 5200

Hospital AmeriMed998 881 3400

Hospiten Cancún:  998 881 3700

Hospital Joya Hotel Zone:  998 234 0950

Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Delfino Guevara: 998 999 0097

Pharmacies and AA


For prescription medication only go to:

Yza Farmacias with three locations. The one in Centro is open 24 hours

Farmacias Bazar in Centro, open 24 hours

For general drug store purchases like Sunblock, Tums, Calamine lotion, etc. any pharmacy is fine. You find the largest selection at Chedraui 

Alcoholics Anonymous

English AA Meetings: every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30 pm

Spanish AA Meetings: Monday – Saturday at 8:30 pm

Al-Anon Meeting: every Monday, 5:00 pm. High season only.

Location: Mercado Municipal (Municipal Market Centro)  Email if you need more info

Consular Agencies

Please note these are Consular Agents located in Cancun, not general Consulates. They provide help in case of a lost or stolen passport, notarial service, arrest or detention, and assisting in medical emergencies.

U.S. Consular Agency

Office location in the Hotel Zone, open Mon – Fri, 8:30 am -1:30 pm, an appointment is required for all services.

Email for Cancun Consular Agency

Emergency Contact Link – Assistance for U.S. Citizens in Mexico

Consular Agencies U.S. Citizen Services: For information and appointments start here.

For immediate help outside business hours, including weekends and holidays, call 558 526 2561

Consular Agency of Canada

Office in the Hotel Zone, open Mon – Fri, 9:00 am -1:00 pm, an appointment is required for all services. 

Assistance for Canadian Citizens

Cancun Consular Services for Canadian Citizens: For information and appointments start here.

For help outside business hours, including weekends and holidays, call 555 724 9795

Consular Agencies 

While a few countries maintain a physical Consular office in Cancun, most rely agents who work remotely, though they may have a representative in Cancun. 

For a list of Embassies and Consulates in Mexico, visit Embassy Worldwide or Embassies.net 

The links below will take you to the Embassy website’s Consular Service page. The phone numbers are for Emergencies Only (for example, you’ve been attacked, arrested or someone has died). For lost or stolen passport visit the service page and follow the instructions.

While we strive to keep our links up to date, the pages for Consular services may change. Please contact us if you have additional or updated information. Thank you!

General and Bank Services


Tourism Office: Information and the unofficial Lost & Found. 

Cash pick-up sent via Xoom/PayPal, Western Union or Remitly can be collected at Banco Azteca. Bring your passport.

Money Exchange: In the Ultramar ferry terminal. Bring your passport.

Post Office: Use the following address for snail mail and ask them to keep their eyes open for it. 
Your Name
Lista de Correros
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, CP 77400 Mexico

Banks on Isla Mujeres 

ATMs are as plentiful as coconuts in a palm tree, but when it comes to your pesos, stick to the ATMs inside banks — they’re the safe harbors in this sea of choices. Storefront ATMs? Not so much. Keep your card from going on an unplanned adventure: look for ATMs that favor a gentle swipe over a hungry gulp.

Shield your PIN entry for extra security.

HSBC: Will NOT exchange US Dollars

Citibanamex: Will NOT exchange US Dollars

CiBanco: Will exchange US Dollars

Banco Azteca: Will exchange US Dollars

As of January 2024 🙂


Enrique’s Dock: 998 877 0211
Located downtown Isla in front of the gas station. The favorite spot for Sport Fishermen. 22 slips and fills up quickly.

Puerto Isla Mujeres: 998 884 7913
Located mid-island on Laguna Makax. Also fills up fast during sport fishing season. 

El Milagro Marina:  998 877 1708 
Located on the Bahia de Mujeres and part of El Milagro Hotel. Smaller, chill and a really fun community.

Small marinas along Av. Rueda Medina on Laguna Makax near Oscar’s Grill including Grupo Isla Marina, Marina Makax, Marina Buchanans and Marina del Sol.

Places of Worship


Chabad of Isla Mujeres 

The Chabad of Isla Mujeres provides weekday and Shabbat prayers, Shabbat meals, and traveller information.

Chadad House of Isla Mujeres Kosher restaurant offers dine in and to go.

Laundry and Co-working

Laundry Service (Lavanderia)

There are dozens of Laundries on Isla Mujeres, a search on MapChick’s App or Google Maps will give you locations. Service is usually same day when you drop it off early.

In Centro Tim Pho (on the corner of Juárez and Abasola) and Laundry El Cienpies (on the corner of Madero and Guerrero) are favorites.

Laundry & Coffee: Has a pick-up & delivery service via WhatsApp (998 136 8492) plus you can order a coffee!



Selina Hostel in Centro (PocNa for you old timers) has a dedicated co-working spaces you can rent by the day or week. Small meeting rooms are also available

Several restaurants with solid wifi are known to be welcoming as long as you order food. Good for an hour or two at most and you don’t mind the noise.

Check out Cafe Mogagua and Rooster in town or Isla Village mid-island or simply find a spot that you like and ask.


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