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Sites to See

Every inch of Isla Mujeres is begging to be explored!

Looking for Insta-worthy spots to jazz up your feed? On the lookout for architecture that defies the ordinary, or murals that tell a story at every corner? Isla Mujeres is brimming with incredible vistas, unique buildings, historical sites, and photo-ops galore, each calling out, “Hey, look at me!”

Sites to See Snapshot

Centro: From vibrant vistas and murals to a pirate’s hidden tomb, Centro is alive with art, photo-ops and tales of old.

Colonias: Where sea life statues, secret stairs, and more murals whisper the island’s deeper stories.

Southend: Quirky beach art, breathtaking views, and the iconic Shell House.

Punta Sur: Follow the footsteps of the Maya through statues and ruins, leading you to the Cliff of the Dawn, where Isla Mujeres greets the sunrise.

daniel south point
Photo by Daniel Borges

Centro - Downtown

Where the streets are not just streets but a vibrant canvas painted with murals, the history is as rich as the ocean is blue, and photo-op spots at every turn. Explore with your eyes wide, your camera ready, and your heart open.

The Zócalo (Town Square): The heart of Centro, flanked by the Palacio Municipal (think: city hall but Isla style) and the historic Catholic church with its own mini-museum. Here lies the essence of Isla’s soul, and the stage for our lively festivals. Quiet during the day, fiestas at night!

The Caribbean Malecon (Seafront Walkway): Kick-off at the Isla Mujeres sign (if you don’t take a selfie, were you even here?), and let the path guide you along the oceans edge to the end of town. For the early birds, the Caribbean sun puts on a show just for you. It’s the walk of fame, but with ocean views and zero paparazzi.

El Faro (The Lighthouse): Standing tall at nearly 20 meters, it promises an incredible view we can only dream of. Sadly, no more climbing to the top.

The Fish Arch: The gateway to Playa Centro, where a Barracuda and a Sailfish bid you “Hola!” It’s not just an arch; it’s a high-five from the deep blue.

Murals, Murals Everywhere: From bold statements to hidden gems, these murals are like the island’s tattoos—each telling a story, each enchanting in its own right. Keep your eyes peeled; art is everywhere.

Old Style Homes: Amidst the crowded streets of Centro, a few brightly painted wooden homes remain, relics of the 1930s, glowing with the charm of yesteryear. They stand as silent storytellers, offering a glimpse into the island’s serene past.

Insta-Worthy Spots: Tucked in corners and along the sun-kissed shores, you’ll discover Isla Mujeres signs, selfie frames, and benches, each more quirkier than the last. So, strike a pose, snap a pic, and let the world see Isla through your eyes – one funky, colorful memory at a time.

The Cemetery: A kaleidoscope of colors, traditions, and history. Here lies Fermin Mundaca’s empty tomb, a man whose life swirled with tales of piracy and unrequited love. His time worn tomb sits low to the ground in the south east area of the cemetery. At its base, a haunting skull and crossbones, carved by the hands of Mundaca himself and the epitaph, a poignant reflection of life’s fleeting nature and his undying love for La Triguena, reads: “As you are, I was. As I am, you will be.

Statues and Stories: Scattered like jewels through Centro, each statue honors our history, our heroes, and our heart. Notably,

Colonias - Neighborhoods

Step off the beaten path and wander through the Colonias, each site is a reminder of Isla Mujeres’ complex tapestry—where history, culture, and natural beauty intertwine. These are not just places to visit but moments to live, breathe, and remember.

Mirador El Alcantilado: Perched on the east side cliffs a few kilometers outside of town, this scenic lookout offers a dramatic view of the Caribbean’s endless blue. The path, adorned with colorful sea life statues, stretches for about 700 meters, offering a serene walk in the early mornings that feels like a whispered secret between you and the sea.

Whale Shark Statue: As you venture just outside of town along the bay side, you’ll be greeted by the majestic Whale Shark statue. A beacon for photo seekers, it captures the essence of Isla’s marine majesty and adventurous spirit in one frame-worthy moment.

The Rainbow Stairs: Transforming from their vibrant rainbow hues to a softer, pastel, reflecting the ever-changing palette of Isla Mujeres, these steps aren’t just about a photo-op; it’s a step-by-step journey through values we cherish.

Words of inspiration like Honestidad (Honesty), Empatia (Empathy), Igualidad (Equality), and Tolerencia (Tolerance) grace the top steps inviting you to pause, reflect, and of course, capture the moment!

Chapel de Guadalupe: Nestled with views that stretch to where the sky kisses the sea, this chapel is a sanctuary of peace. Before you enter, a small gift shop offers charming handmade treasures.

Remember, the drive is a stroll path, not a tourist cart track—park on the street and walk to experience this serene spot fully.

Murals Galore: If the island could speak, its voice would be in the colors and stories of its murals. From slices of island life and culture to tributes to the past or simply the joy of art, these murals are a testament to the vibrant spirit of Isla Mujeres.

Crayola House: Not just any house, the Crayola House bursts with every conceivable color. Once the home and canvas of Lenora Vaughn, the wife of legendary blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. Lenny poured her creative spirit into every stroke, transforming the house into a living, breathing piece of art. Every wall tells a story not just of color and creativity, but of love, legacy, and the melodies that color our lives.

While you’re welcome to snap a photo from the street, please do not disturb the occupants, remember this is a private home.

Hacienda Mundaca: This historical gem remains shrouded in mystery and red tape, its gates closed to the public years ago after the discovery of Mayan ruins and artifacts that whisper of ancient traditions and rituals. We await the day when Hacienda Mundaca reopens, offering a window into the island’s Mayan heritage alongside its pirate lore.


Where history, nature, and whimsy mingle, from the iconic Shell House to the embrace of Punta Sur’s cliffs, this is where the island’s tales come alive, urging you to look closer, laugh louder, and capture the moment.

The Shell House (Casa Caracol): Designed in 1997 by architect Eduardo Ocampo for his brother, renowned artist Octavio Ocampo, this seashell-inspired masterpiece is as stunning inside as it is from the outside. This piece of living art isn’t just for admiring from afar; you can actually rent it and live inside a dream. 

Beach Art: Across the street from the shell vendors on the Caribbean side is a budding gallery of homemade beach art. Quirky, unexpected, and utterly delightful, this collection adds a fun and funky vibe to the seashore, proving that Isla Mujeres’ creativity knows no bounds.

The Caribbean Cemetery: This cemetery isn’t just a resting place; it’s a site of serene beauty with an open-air chapel perched atop the hill, and arguably the best views in the world. A visit here is a reminder of the island’s soul—peaceful, respectful, and quietly awe-inspiring. Remember to tread softly, honoring the sanctity of this place.

Punta Sur - South Point

At the southernmost tip, where the first rays of the sun grace Mexican soil, lies Punta Sur. Standing about 20 meters above sea level, its rugged cliffs and the relentless waves create a symphony of natural beauty against the Caribbean’s many blues.

This spot offers not just photo ops but photo epics.

Squeeze the whole gang into the Isla Mujeres frame that’s just begging for your funniest faces.

Engage in a stare-down with the stoic iguana statue – first one to laugh loses! Photobomb the

Punta Sur sign with your cheekiest grin. And keep an eye out for the real iguanas lounging about—they’re the island’s original sunbathers.

Just past the lighthouse, a $100 peso entrance fee opens the path to the Statue Garden. Here, statues honoring Isla’s Mayan heritage stand sentinel along winding paths, each accompanied by a plaque bearing its name and a QR code for the curious.

A small Mayan temple stands at the tip of the island. Dedicated to the Goddess Ixchel and doubled as a lighthouse, it was rebuilt after being badly damaged in Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 (many of the same stones, new concrete) but still retains its mysteries. Find out more about the history of Isla Mujeres and the Maya.

Pathways descend to the water’s edge, winding their way around the base of the cliffs, where the ocean spray gently kisses your skin or totally drenches you – depends on the breeze.

Punta Sur isn’t just a location; it’s a journey through history, art, and nature’s most jaw-dropping masterpieces. Whether you seek the thrill of sunrise or the calm of sunset, this slice of Isla Mujeres is like the best chapter of an adventure novel—thrilling, beautiful, and slightly mischievous. So pack your sense of wonder (and a good pair of sunglasses), because Punta Sur is ready to add some epic memories to your own Isla Mujeres story.

daniel borges bike dogs
Photo by Daniel Borges
Isla Mujeres Pubelo Magico

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