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Hotel Villa Kiin

Just around the east bend of Playa Norte, Hotel Villa Kiin is like the secret garden of Isla Mujeres. Nestled on a small, tranquil cove perfect for toddler snorkeling adventures and hammocks that swing like a lullaby between the coco trees, this laid-back haven is as traditional as a Mariachi band on a moonlit night.

Here, everything is ‘tranquilo.’ From the budget rooms tucked away like a treasure to the palapa-roofed bungalows that whisper stories of the Mexican Caribbean, everything faces the garden with glimpses of the ocean teasing your senses.

For those who fancy a two-story view, the Pakal section is your stairway to heaven. And for the lovebirds, the Honeymoon Bungalows and suites come complete with a king bed and a private Jacuzzi – because nothing says romance like bubbles!

But Hotel Villa Kiin isn’t just about kicking back, oh no! The affiliated Spa at Secreto is on standby to knead away your knots, either in your room or at the spa. And let’s not forget the 24-hour front desk and security, because someone’s got to keep an eye on paradise, right?

So come to Villa Kiin, where the only thing missing is you. Family-owned, operated, and loved for decades, this is not just a hotel – it’s a feeling.

Amenities Hotel Villa Kiin

Escape to the no-frills tranquility of Villa Kiin, where the Caribbean whispers and hammocks swing, your slice of heaven awaits.

Hotel Villa Kiin Playa Norte - North Beach


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