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Spa at Hotel Secreto

When you step into the Spa at Secreto, it’s like stepping into a serene bubble of wellbeing. Nestled within the opulent Hotel Secreto, the spa has been designed with a sense of tranquility that starts from the warm neutral hues, candlelight ambiance, and extends into their incredible menu of services.

Treat yourself to personalized facial treatments, knowing that one size does NOT fit all when it comes to skincare. Let the obsidian stones’ therapeutic warmth melt away your stress or indulge in a green tea or gold body wrap.

The Spa at Secreto offers much more than typical spa services, with unique offerings like Bio Informatic Restructuring massage (it’s insanely cool, promise!) and a variety of health and wellness treatments like acupuncture, biomagnetism therapy, and ionic detox. Heck, they even have body sculpting treatments. So, whether you’re prepping for a special event or just want to spoil yourself, the Spa at Secreto will take your pampering to a whole new level. And remember, what happens at Secreto, stays at Secreto. Wink!

Beyond pampering: experience a holistic leap into beauty, wellness, and tranquility.

Spa at Hotel Secreto Playa Norte - North Beach

9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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