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Lost Oasis Vacation Rentals

Wave goodbye to the stress of finding the ideal accommodation on Isla Mujeres, and say ‘hola’ to Lost Oasis Vacation Rentals, your key to comfort on Isla Mujeres since 1999. With a large array of carefully hand-picked properties, Owner Lisa Hall and the Lost Oasis team cater to every flavor of vacationer, from the thrifty explorer to the luxury seeker. Be it a cozy mid-island apartment humming with local life or a high-end beachfront villa that softly whispers, “turquoise views and chill,” they have got you covered.

The whole crew lives on Isla Mujeres which means they’re not just a faceless website; they’re a friendly neighbor, ready to assist you in discovering your dream holiday haven. And just like a good salsa recipe or a trusty pair of dancing shoes, people keep coming back to Lost Oasis for their accommodation needs. Why, you ask? Because when it comes to finding your home-away-from-home on Isla, Lost Oasis is the treasure map to your heart’s desire. So, gear up for your vacation, your dreamy dwelling is just an Oasis away.

Your oasis for luxurious homes and hotels to beachfront havens and cozy hideaways for more than 20 years.

Lost Oasis Vacation Rentals

Open 7:00 am – 11:00 pm

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