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Dolphin Discovery on Isla

Ever dreamt of being propelled through water by a pair of dolphins? Or perhaps just sharing a serene moment with one? At Dolphin Discovery, dreams come true, and sometimes, they even throw in a cheeky dolphin kiss! Not only do you get to swim with these aquatic Einsteins, but you also get the inside scoop on their favorite fishy snacks, their health routines (yes, they have those), and their unique quirks. Ever met a dolphin named Dave who’s a bit of a diva? Now’s your chance!

Choose your adventure:

  • Dolphin Encounter: Perfect for all ages. Get up close and personal and learn about these incredible beings.
  • Swim Adventure: Hold tight! The dolphins are about to give you the ride of your life! Plus you’ll learn fun facts about your new friends.
  • Royal Swim: Two amazing Dolphins will teach you about their agility, intelligence and strength and show you how to fly through the water.
  • Sea Life Discovery: Why stop at dolphins? Say hello to the gentle manatees and give a high-five (or fin) to the sea lions.

And after all that splashing, laughing and learning, refuel with a buffet and drinks, take a dip in the pool, or just lounge around. They’ve got lifejackets, lockers, showers, and more.

Snag a deal with up to 30% off when booking online. But remember, dolphins are all-weather friends. Rain or shine, they’re ready to play. So, no cancellations or refunds unless Mother Nature really throws a tantrum and always, always use biodegradable sunscreen. Let’s keep the marine buddies safe and happy!

Learn, laugh, and leap into an aquatic adventure where every splash teaches you more about these incredible creatures.

Dolphin Discovery on Isla Sac Bajo Península

10:00 am – 5.30pm

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