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Cooking with Abuelita Angelita

Step into the aromatic embrace of Abuelita Angelita’s kitchen, where the secrets of authentic Yucatecan cuisine come alive! With a lifetime of culinary wisdom, Abuelita Angelita will guide you through the art of crafting mouthwatering empanadas, sumptuous chiles rellenos, rich relleno negro, hearty pozole, and the silkiest flan you’ve ever tasted.

But the fun doesn’t stop at cooking! Once the dishes are ready, you’ll get to savor every bite of your culinary creations. And while Abuelita Angelita might not be fluent in English, her language of food speaks volumes. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to brush up on your Spanish, all while enjoying the comfort of her air-conditioned kitchen.

Classes typically span 2 to 2.5 hours, kicking off at 10 am. With a cozy setting designed for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 participants, it’s an intimate culinary journey. And while water is always on hand, feel free to bring your favorite refreshments, be it wine, beer, or a special drink.
At the end of your session, you’ll walk away not just with a full belly, but also a handy printout of the recipes in both Spanish and English. So, the next time you’re craving a taste of Isla Mujeres, you can recreate the magic in your own kitchen!

For the latest class dates and dishes on the menu, check out Abuelita Angelita’s Facebook page. Dive into a world of flavors and let your culinary spirit soar!

Cooking with Abuelita Angelita Colonias - Mid Island


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