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Envatours Transparent Boat

Envatours’ Transparent Boat Tour, where the ocean’s wonders come to you, no snorkel required! Perfect for family vacations or those who prefer to stay dry, this 100% transparent boat tour is your window to the tropical paradise beneath the waves.

Located just steps south from the Ultramar Ferry dock at Marina Bartolomé, they offer eight 50-minute tours every day, weather permitting. You’ll glide over the reefs of La Cadenita, El Farito, and La Carbonera, where colorful fish dance amongst beautiful fan coral, fire coral, and more.

But what truly sets this tour special is your fun, knowledgeable bilingual guide. They’ll not only tell you what you’re looking at but also snap photos you can purchase to remember the adventure. And don’t worry, life vests are provided and mandatory, so safety’s covered too!

So grab your eco-friendly sunblock and a hat, and embark on a transparent journey through the ocean’s wonders. With Envatours, every tour’s a clear view into paradise, and every moment’s a memory waiting to be created.

Envatours Transparent Boat Centro - Downtown

9:00 am – 6:00 pm

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