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Celebrate Navidad

The month of December

On Isla Mujeres, we don’t just get festive; we crank the holiday spirit up to the max, especially for the kids, making it a truly magical season into a wonderland of lights, laughter, and a heartwarming sense of community. Be there for the magical lighting of the towering Christmas tree in the town square, a sight that sets young hearts racing and kicks off a month filled with parades, performances, and events that are a delight for all ages.

Each weekend, and often during the week, the town square becomes a playground of joy for families. From the enchanting performance of The Nutcracker that captivates children and adults alike, to lively showcases by Isla’s own talented artists, there’s something to make every child’s holiday dreams come true. Food vendors and craftsmen add to the festive atmosphere, offering treats and treasures that light up little faces with big smiles.

The highlight for many is the Grand Christmas Parade, where floats, music, and beloved characters like Mickey, Minnie, the Grinch and of course Santa Claus come to life, spreading happiness across the island. Ending with a festive procession down Av. Hidalgo, it surprises and delights not just the diners but every child watching with wide-eyed wonder.

And let’s not forget the annual Elmo’s Christmas Caravan that brings smiles to children’s faces with treats and surprises from festively decorated golf carts. And the best bit? You can join in the fun! Simply rent a golf cart and deck it out in holiday cheer. Send a message to Elmo on Facebook to get the details on how you can be part of this heartwarming event!

Christmas on Isla Mujeres isn’t just a holiday; it’s a heartfelt celebration of tradition, family, and the warm spirit of giving. Join us for a December to remember, filled with Isla Mujeres’ unique charm and the joy of island life.

Celebrate Navidad Navidad con la Gente 2023

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The month of December


Centro – Downtown & the streets of Isla Mujeres



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