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Carnival Isla Style

February 28 – March 4, 2025

A fiesta frenzy that sweeps you up in a whirlwind of colors, music, and dance. The streets become stages, and the island pulses with parades, fairs, and non-stop parties that could teach the Energizer Bunny a thing or two about keeping going. Every year, Carnival rolls in with new themes and fresh vibes, taking over the island in the five days leading up to Ash Wednesday. It’s a time when local ladies—and plenty of gents—take ‘practice makes perfect’ to heart, dedicating months to sync up those dance steps just right.

The fiesta fires up on Friday with the crowning of “Los Reyes de Carnival” in the town square. Kings and Queens from knee-high to the wise and wonderful, claim their thrones, setting the tone for the revelry ahead.

By day, Av. Rueda Medina becomes a river of floats and feathers, while Playa Centro hosts fairs where the music and dancing never skip a beat. As the sun dips, the square sparkles with the dance troupes’ electric performances, costume struts, and pop-up acts by guest artists. And yes, everyone’s dancing—onstage, offstage, and all around. The kiddos get their own slice of the spotlight with a night crafted just for them, packed with pint-sized dance displays, costume contests, and family-friendly acts that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear.

In between the big events? Keep your eyes peeled for Isla’s own dance troupes popping up in the most unexpected places—golf carts and trucks become their mobile stages, with spontaneous street performances that’ll have you reaching for your camera (and maybe a few pesos to help fund next year’s glitter and glitz). Carnival caps off with “Fat Tuesday,” where the adult dance troupes battle it out in a grand showdown. There’s the reading of Juan Carnaval’s will, and the fiery finale—Quema de Juan Carnaval—followed by dancing till the wee hours.

So, get ready to shimmy, shake, and share in the island’s most dazzling chaos. Because when Carnival comes to Isla Mujeres, you don’t just watch the party—you are the party!

Carnival Isla Style Isla's Promo Video for 2024's Carnival Fantasia Tropical ~ Enjoy!

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Video courtesy of the Government of Isla Mujeres

Event Details


February 28 – March 4, 2025
All day and evening


The streets of Isla



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