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Mexico's Independence Day

September 15 & 16, 2024

September in Mexico isn’t just any month—it’s a time of national pride and patriotism when we celebrate Mexico’s Independence. Flags wave in the breeze as the island is draped in the vibrant colors of Mexico: green, white, and red.

The celebration reaches its climax on September 15th, the eve of Independence Day, with a parade that’s a feast for the heart. Imagine the swell of pride as members of the Mexican Navy and the island’s schoolchildren march by, a living tribute to the nation’s journey toward freedom. But that’s just the warm-up.

As evening falls, the island gathers in the town square to enjoy performances by Isla’s own and visiting artists. Mariachi bands serenade the crowd, while traditional folklore dancers whisk you away to different regions of Mexico.

At 10:45, our mayor steps onto the balcony. Then, at precisely 11:00 PM, comes the moment everyone waits for: “El Grito,” the Cry of Independence. It’s when all of Isla Mujeres, all of Mexico, unites in a moment of collective pride, joyfully shouting “Viva México!” Fireworks explode in a cascade of colors, lighting up the night in a dazzling display.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, it does. Mexico’s most beloved bands take the stage, turning the square into a dance floor. It’s a celebration that not only honors our past but is a testament to the enduring spirit of Mexico—a spectacular blend of history, culture, and unabashed joy.

Join us in September for a celebration that’s sure to leave you chanting “Viva México” long into the night.

Mexico's Independence Day

Event Details


September 15 & 16, 2024


Zocalo – Town Square



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