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Coming to Isla Mujeres is like arriving in a land of dreams where everyone finds a second home. The charm of the island, its gentle people and natural beauty inspire love at first sight and create a lasting love affair that brings visitors back year after year. It is here that many universes are revealed and are joined together by their authentic Mexican Caribbean flavor.

Located across from Cancun, Isla is only 5 miles (7.5 km) long by half a mile (.7 km) wide. Hotels on Isla Mujeres offer accommodations ranging from simple to luxurious. Restaurants serve fresh seafood as well as international and regional cuisine specialties. Bars offer live tropical and romantic music and Caribbean Shows. Add to this Isla's many attractions and activities you have found the place for a perfect vacation while enjoying the serenity of the island lifestyle.

Centuries before Francisco Hernández de Córdova sailed to the island, the Maya people came here to seek favors from Ixchel, their goddess of fertility, and the figurines in the shape of women that Córdova found, gave rise to the name it bears today. In its history, the island has saved the life of castaways, served as shelter for the weary, came to be a pirate haven and fulfilled the fantasies of adventure.

As the world moves rapidly into the 21st century, Isla Mujeres seems unchanging. The Maya people who inhabit the island, many of whom still work as fisherman, live in simplicity and like visitors, enjoy the pleasures of life in this tropical paradise. Isla Mujeres' white coral sand beached are perfect for sunbathing and boarder seas of a deep turquoise color. Isla offers great food, traditional Mexican and the freshest seafood, sultry dance rhythms and the serenity of the island lifestyle. As each day on the island ends in a splendid sunset, the sensual nights of the Mexican Caribbean begin.

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