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Isla Mujeres Accommodations

Looking for the perfect place to drop your bags?

From budget-friendly beachside spots for digital nomads and backpackers to luxurious private villas and 5-star resorts for those who love the finer things in life. Isla has it all! Whether you’re after family-friendly digs where the kids can run wild, a boutique hideaway for romantic whispers, or a local pad to live out your ‘Isleño’ fantasies and make you consider never leaving, you’ll find your perfect match.

Remember, Isla Mujeres isn’t just a place; it’s where you accidentally leave your heart.

  • Playa Norte – North End Beaches: The place to be! A smorgasbord of accommodations, bustling by day, serene by night.
  • Centro – Downtown: The heart of the island! Bustling with top-notch eateries, bars, and shops. Perfect for festival fanatics, but pack earplugs if you go to bed early!
  • Airport Road: On the east, wake up to epic sunrises and the symphony of waves. On the west, bask in stunning sunsets and gentle waves caressing docked boats.
  • Colonias – Mid-island: Dive into local life with colorful shops, family vibes, and a distinct lack of touristy beaches. It’s the real deal here.
  • South End – Punta Sur: Choose your view – stunning sunrises or tranquil sunsets. It’s a mix of breezy Caribbean vibes and bay-front bustle.
  • Sac Bajo Peninsula: Secluded yet social. Marvel at Cancun’s skyline from tranquil beaches during sunset. A hidden gem for those in the know.
  • Playa Norte: Beach paradise by day, peaceful by night.
  • Centro: Island’s lively heart. Great for foodies and night owls. Earplugs advised!
  • Airport Road: Sunrises in the east, sunsets in the west. Ocean melody.
  • Colonias: Authentic island life. Local shops, no touristy beaches.
  • South End: Sunrise or sunset views. Caribbean and bay vibes.
  • Sac Bajo: Quiet yet social, stunning Cancun skyline views at sunset. 
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Centro – Downtown
Embark on a relaxing journey at a nautically-inspired boutique hotel in downtown Isla Mujeres.
Centro – Downtown
Your tranquil sanctuary in the heart of Isla Mujeres, a stone’s throw away from the sun-kissed Playa Norte.
Airport Strip – Caribe Side
Where natural elegance meets island vibrancy, offering panoramic views and an immersive island life experience.
Centro – Downtown
Set in the heart of Isla Mujeres, just steps away from restaurants, shopping, and magnificent views of the boats in the bay.
Sac Bajo Peninsula
An island escape for those who dream of sand between their toes, a margarita in arm’s reach and magnificent sunset views.
Centro – Downtown
Stay in the heart of the action where you’re just steps away from the nightlife and Playa Norte’s beachy bliss.
Centro – Downtown
Experience the best of Isla Mujeres, the vibrancy of downtown living with the peace of a seaside retreat.
Centro – Downtown
Discover a hidden gem of Isla Mujeres, where economy, practicality, and comfort come together for a wonderful stay.
Punta Sur – South End
Where Caribbean charm meets modern comfort, all under the vibrant hues of Isla’s tropical sky.
Centro – Downtown
The cozy corner of paradise on a dime – your Isla Mujeres home without breaking the bank.
Punta Sur – South End
Your tranquil sunrise sanctuary! A spacious 5-bedroom villa located at the south end of Isla Mujeres.
Playa Norte – North Beach
Dive into paradise at your private beach retreat with the perfect blend of relaxation, luxury, and Isla Mujeres charm.
Playa Norte – North Beach
A hidden gem on Half Moon Beach, where tranquility meets luxury. Listen to the waves, soak in the sunrise, and savor a truly intimate Isla experience.
Centro – Downtown
Your Isla hideaway with a rooftop twist — a secret slice of paradise, with a homey touch and rooftop retreat.
Playa Norte – North Beach
Your tranquil barefoot hideaway, where chic minimalism meets the pristine beauty of North Beach.
Punta Sur – South Point
Elevate your vacation – literally! A paradise where tranquility meets luxury one floor at a time.
Centro – Downtown
Your rustic rainbow retreat by the sea — embrace the rustic charm and let the sound of the waves guide you.
Centro – Downtown
Your budget-friendly hub of Isla fun — cosy, convenient, and so comfortably priced, it feels like a tropical treasure.
Centro – Downtown
Affordable comfort in downtown Isla Mujeres, a relaxing oasis just steps away from the island’s best attractions.
Showing Accommodations 22-42 of 76