Basic Spanish

Speak Spanish

There are plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish while on Isla, most Isleños beam when you try. They are truly interested in sharing details of the island’s history and telling you about their families, many of whom were born and raised on Isla.


If you don't speak any Spanish at all - no worries. Many people on the island speak at least a little English.


On Target Language by Christy Dix helps short and long term visitors and residents of all ages learn Spanish or raise their skill level. The lessons are customized to each student’s goals, interests, language level and schedule. Private, semi-private and small group lessons as well as Spanish Boot Camps (November - March) are available.

Basic Pronunciation

Many letters in Spanish are pronounced approximately as they would be in English. The differences are below.


a = ah (yacht)
e = ay (day) eh (pet)
i = ee (meet)
0 = oh (open)
u = oo (tooth)

c (before a, o, u) hard k (cat)
c (before e, i) soft s (cent)
g (before a, o, u) hard g (go)
g (before e, i) breathy h (hot)
h always silent

j breathy h (hot)
ll = y (yes)
ñ = ny (canyon)
v = b (book)
y by itself y = i (ee)



Basic Phrases

Yes - Si
No - No
Please - Por favor
Thank you - Gracias
Thank you very much - Muchas gracias
Your welcome - De nada
Excuse me - Perdón; Con permiso
Just a second - Un momento
Okay - Está Bien; Muy bien
Hello - Hola
Goodbye - Adiós
Good morning - Buenos dias
Good afternoon - Buenas tardes
Good night, Good evening - Buenas noches
Sir - Señor
Madam - Señora
Miss - Señorita
See you later - Hasta la vista
See you tomorrow - Hasta mañana
Do you speak English? - Habla usted inglés?
I speak a little Spanish - Hablo un poco español
Do you understand? - Comprende usted?
I understand - Yo comprendo
I don't understand - No comprendo
What did you say? - ¿Cómo?
How do you say (?) in Spanish? - Cómo se dice (?) en español?
Where is the bathroom? - Dónde esta el baño?


Hurry up! - Dése prisa!
Look! - Mire!
Watch out! Be careful! - Cuidado!
Listen! - Escuche!
Wait! - Espere!
I have lost (?) - He perdido (?)
Help, police! - Socorro, policia!
I need help - Necesito ayuda
Can you help me please? - Puede usted ayudarme, por favor?
Does anyone here speak English? - Hay alguien aqui que hable inglés?
I need an interpreter - Necesito un intérprete
Your speaking to fast - Usted habla muy rápido
Please speak more slowly - Hable más despacio, por favor
Please repeat - Repita, por favor
Help! - Socorro!
Call an ambulance! - Llame una ambulancia!


What time is it? - Qué hora es?
early - temprano
late - tarde
in the morning - de la mañana
in the afternoon - de la tarde
in the evening - de la noche
it's noon - es mediodia
it's midnight - es medianoche
What day is it today? - Qué dia es hoy?
Today is (?)- Hoy es (?)
Monday - Lunes
Tuesday - Martes
Wednesday - Miércoles
Thursday - Jueves
Friday - Viernes
Saturday - Sábado
Sunday - Domingo
Yesterday - Ayer
The day before yesterday - Anteayer
Today - Hoy
Tomorrow - Mañana
The day after tomorrow - Pasado mañana
Last week - La semana pasada
Next week - La semana próxima
Tonight - Esta noche
Last night - Anoche


Where is____? - Dónde está?
When? - Cuándo?
How much? - Cuánto?
Who? - Quién?
Why? - Por qúe?
How? - Cómo?
What? - Qué?


That's it! - Eso es!
Cheers! - Salud!
Of course! - Claro!
Let's go - Vamos!
What a shame - Qué lástima!
Good luck - Buena suerte!
Good trip! - Buen viaje!


My name is (?) - Me llamo (?)
I'm staying at (?) - Estoy en (?)
Here's my passport - Aqui tiene mi pasaporte
I'm on vacation - Estoy de vacaciones
These are my bags - Estas son mis maletas
I need a Porter - Necesito un maletero
I'm missing a suitcase - Me falta una maleta

Arriving & Hotel

Where can I get a taxi? - Dónde puedo encontar un taxi?
Where's the bus stop? - Dónde está la parada de autobuses?
I'd like to go to the hotel (?) - Quisiera ir al hotel (?)
I'd like a room for tonight - Quisiera una cuarto para esta noche
Does it have air-conditioning, a television? - Tiene aire acondicionado/televisión?
I don't have a reservation - No tengo reserva
I'd like the bill please - La cuenta, por favor


Waiter! - Mesero!
The menu please - La carta, por favor
What do you recommend? - Qué recomienda usted¿
I'd like (?) - Quisiera (?)
I'd like the bill please - La cuenta, por favor


Where can I change money? - Dónde puedo cambiar dinero?
Where is there a bank? - Dónde hay un banco?
Where is there a money exchange? - Dónde hay un banco de cambio?
What is the current exchange rate? - A cómo está el cambio hoy?
Do you except credit cards
- Acepta usted tarjetas de credito?


May I introduce (?) - Le presento a (?)
my brother - mi hermano
my father - mi padre
my friend - mi amigo
my husband - mi esposo
my mother - mi madre
my sister - mi hermana
my wife - mi esposa
How do you do - Mucho gusto
My name is (?) - Me llamo (?)
May I take you home? - Me permite llevarle a casa?
May I call you? - Puedo llamarle?
What is your cell number? - Cuál es su número de cel?
What is your email? - Cuál es su número de cel?
Are you married? - Está usted casado (a)?