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Sunhorse Weddings

When Tiffany Lanier swapped Minnesota’s snow for Isla Mujeres’ sand, she not only changed her view but also the game of wedding planning on the island. After wrestling with cultural and logistical challenges while planning her best friend’s wedding, Tiffany founded Sunhorse Weddings to provide seamless, English-speaking coordination for North American brides.

Together with her team – the ever-creative Alex Petrila and detail-oriented Citlali Morales – they bring your wedding dreams to life, from spiritual sunset beach vows to traditional Catholic church ceremonies. Choose from their extensive venue connections, personalize your decorations and menus, and let them arrange a cake that’s as chic or whimsical as you wish.

But wait, there’s more! They’ve got your entire wedding week sorted, from accommodations, welcome dinners, and rehearsal dinners to snorkeling trips and sunset cruises. With Sunhorse Weddings, it’s not just a big day, it’s a big, unforgettable week!

Sunhorse Weddings

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