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Dza-kan-ha Spa

Where else can you get a facial, body scrub, and massage that leaves you feeling so renewed, even the sunsets get a tad jealous? At Dza-kan-ha Spa, nestled in the tranquil Isla Village mind-island, that’s where!

Picture this: you’re being pampered by the friendliest staff this side of the Caribbean, all in the spacious, soothing surroundings of the spa. Choose from an exotic menu of services, from herbal massages that’ll make you hum a happy tune, to deep tissue treatments that knead away the knots of adventure-filled days. Flirt with fragrant body scrubs and swoon-worthy facials tailored to your skin’s every whim. Cap off your decadent ‘me’ day with a perfect mani-pedi or surrender to one of their spa packages – because why choose when you can have it all?

Perfect for group pamperings or solo serenity, Dza-kan-ha Spa is where vacation meets revitalization and tranquility awaits.

Dza-kan-ha Spa Colonias - Mid Island

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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