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Cecilia Dumas Photography

Cecilia Dumas, an honorary Isleña with over two decades of experience, is more than a photographer, she is a visual storyteller who captures the unique love story of every couple on their special day. Based in Cancun, but practically an Isla fixture, Cecilia believes it’s not about the artistic whims of the photographer but the genuine moments and emotions of the people.

Warm, friendly, and effortlessly able to blend into the background, Cecilia and her team form a bond with you and your guests to make the photo shoot fun, relaxed, and natural. Their exceptional talent in creating a comfortable atmosphere results in capturing the unguarded moments, the laughs, the tears, and the pure joy of your wedding day. The end product is an array of beautiful images that transport you back to those magical moments every time you look at them. So authentic, you’d want to frame every shot and share them with your grandkids someday!

Cecilia Dumas Photography

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