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Hala Ken Authentic Mexican Food

Unleash your inner foodie with Hala Ken Authentic Mexican Food. Under the delightful guidance of private chef Ricardo “Rick” Lopez and his lively team, embark on a tantalizing culinary adventure that celebrates Mexican heritage. Be it a fun, interactive cooking class or a fully catered feast, Rick’s infectious smile and room-filling laughter make every encounter a joy.

The cooking class option isn’t just about creating mouth-watering dishes—it’s a cultural journey. Discover cherished family recipes and immerse in the richness of Mexican family life and culture, all narrated with the heartwarming stories of their Abuelas (grandmothers) plus you get to eat the creations! Want a full-service catered meal instead? Expect nothing less than sumptuous flavors, beautiful presentation, and a fabulous time! Breakfast buffets and lunch spreads are also on the menu, each dish promising to tantalize your taste buds.

At Hala Ken, the experience extends beyond the plate—it’s a slice of Mexican life served with love and laughter.

By the way Hala Ken isn’t a person. It’s a Maya greeting that means ‘you are my other me’. But rest assured, ‘me’ in this case is a culinary whizz!

Hala Ken Authentic Mexican Food

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