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On Isla Mujeres Water Tours

Since 2005, this family-friendly tour company has been turning ordinary days into extraordinary sea escapades. Imagine yourself gliding over crystal-clear waters on their comfy, safe vessels, captained by Isla Mujeres’ very own sea-savvy locals.

Ready for an eco-friendly thrill? Swim alongside the majestic Whale Sharks as they meander through the plankton-rich waters. Or, if you’re more of a treasure hunter, snorkel the wonders of the island’s reefs and the awe-inspiring underwater museum, MUSA. Anglers, fear not! Their off-shore fishing trips promise the thrill of the chase and the chance to boast about ‘the one that didn’t get away’.

And for those who prefer their adventures drenched in sunset hues, their 3-hour private cruise is a floating fiesta, complete with drinks, snacks, and views that’ll make your Instagram followers green with envy.

On Isla Mujeres Water Tours Mid island - Bay Side


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