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Susan Pacek Photography

Susan Pacek isn’t just a photographer, she’s an artist who translates love stories into vibrant and timeless photographs. An international, award-winning talent, she splits her time between Denver and Isla Mujeres, crafting a decade-long legacy of beautifully captured weddings, proposals, and family moments. Susan’s creativity shines through each click of the shutter, resulting in emotive, mesmerizing stills that echo the love and joy of your special day.

But she doesn’t just document your wedding from the sidelines; when necessary, she’ll provide gentle guidance to help you feel at ease in front of the camera. Teaming up with Sabina Tamm, Isla’s wedding officiate extraordinaire, they founded Isla Elopements, specializing in intimate and unique ceremonies. Whether you’re planning a low-key ceremony or a grand wedding bash, Susan’s lens will capture every precious moment, making her not only an essential part of your big day but also a whole lot of fun to be around.

Susan Pacek Photography

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