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Anchored at the far eastern edge of Playa Norte as part of the Casa de Jaguar & Na Balam Boutique Hotels, OceansUS is a beach club restaurant that wears many hats. It’s your tranquil retreat, your lunchtime feast, and your dinner date with the ocean view. Dotted with palm trees and umbrellas, this beach club offers a cool respite from the sun-soaked beach, promising an array of comfy umbrellaed beach lounges available for rent.

The beach servers will keep your glasses topped up and your belly full, thanks to a mouthwatering menu that stretches from Mexican tapa favorites like tacos and ceviches, to international comforts like burgers and pizzas. An open-air bar beckons you with tequila, mezcal, beers, and tropical concoctions, while a beautiful ocean-view terrace awaits at the restaurant. Though the pool is for hotel guests only, there’s no shortage of places to dip your toes in and let your worries wash away at OceansUS.

OceansUS Playa Norte – North Beach

8:00 am – 9:00 pm

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