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Minino's Cocteleria

Located mid-island, this seafood haven has been delighting taste buds for years. Minino’s is famous for their delectable fish ceviche, tantalizing grilled octopus, succulent coconut shrimp, and refreshing shrimp cocktails. It’s no wonder both locals and tourists flock to this place. For a truly memorable experience, head upstairs to their breezy covered rooftop and soak in the vibrant Isla life as you savor their mouthwatering dishes. With great service, pocket-friendly prices, and seafood that’s truly a catch, you can’t go wrong at Minino’s Cocteleria. Dive into a seafood feast and let the flavors transport you to culinary paradise!

Minino's Cocteleria Colonias - Mid-island

12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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