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Green Demon Beach Club

Say hola to the Green Demon Beach Club, Playa Norte’s east side trendy gem, where Mexican and American flavors mingle with the sweet sea breeze. This popular hangout is far from your typical beach club. Picture this: basking on a comfy beach bed, sipping on a bucket of ice-cold beers or a tropical cocktail, munching on yummy sandwiches, wraps and ceviches, all while the refreshing Caribbean water is just steps away. And when the weekend rolls in, forget about siestas! This place turns into a lively fiesta with live music, DJs, and lots of dancing. You’ll be making new friends faster than you can say “Another round, por favor!” Thanks to its great vibes, stunning views, and a super friendly staff, the Green Demon Beach Club is a must-visit.

Green Demon Beach Club Playa Norte - North Beach

10:00 am – 8:00 pm

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