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Mr Opal

Step into the world of Mr. Opal, where the glimmer of precious stones meets the artistry of a master jeweler. Opened in 2010 by the talented Alejandro Cabrera, known as “Mr. Opal,” this unique shop has been dazzling Isla Mujeres with one-of-a-kind jewelry featuring opals from the family’s mine in Queretaro, central Mexico.

After Alejandro’s passing, his daughter Cristina and her husband Dante Lopez continued the tradition, infusing each piece with love, skill, and creativity. Dante, an internationally recognized jade carver and award-winning artist, crafts breathtaking designs that are more than just accessories – they’re wearable art.

Whether you’re dreaming of custom-made rings for a vow renewal, a special piece to celebrate a milestone, or a treat for yourself (because you absolutely deserve it!), Mr. Opal is the place to find it. And the experience goes beyond the sparkle; you’ll learn the history and legends behind each stone, adding a touch of magic to your purchase.

Come, indulge in the beauty of opals, and let Mr. Opal make your Isla Mujeres visit truly unforgettable.

Mr Opal Centro - Downtown

12:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Closed Sunday

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