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Villas Najo

Perched on the Caribbean side of the airport road, this place has a beach. “Swimmable?” you ask. Well, no. But sun-able? Absolutely. And the sound of the waves is complimentary!

Expect clean and comfortable accommodations that are private and relaxing, with an infinity pool that overlooks the beach, like something out of a dreamy travel postcard.

Getting to town is a breeze. Well, if you call a few minutes by taxi a breeze. Or a few more by golf cart. Or about 25 minutes with your feet…if they’re feeling particularly adventurous.

The one-bedroom apartments come with a terrace or balcony and have views of the Caribbean that will make your morning coffee feel like a 5-star experience. Did we mention you can watch the sunrise from the comfort of your bed? Yeah, it’s that good.

The bedrooms sport king beds, with some sporting a sofa bed in the living room. The well-equipped kitchenette and dining area give you space for all your culinary adventures, while the A/C in the bedroom, TV, safe, and solid WiFi keep things cool and secure.

All in all, Villas Najo is a hidden gem that’s decided to play a game of peekaboo with you. Fun, right?

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Villas Najo Airport Strip - Caribe Side


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