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Hotel Isleño

Step into Hotel Isleño, where comfort meets convenience, all with a price tag that’ll make your wallet do a happy dance. Just a hop, skip, and a jump from the bustling Av. Hidalgo, and a breezy 10-minute saunter to the beach, you’re right in the thick of Isla Mujeres’ charm.

The rooms aren’t vast, but they’ve got plenty of space for all your vacation shenanigans. Each one comes equipped with two queen beds, A/C, a TV, a safe, a small fridge, and a private bathroom – everything you need for a comfy stay. Some rooms even boast a petite balcony for that extra breath of island air.

Need to connect? The lobby is your go-to hotspot, with ample seating, work areas, and the strongest WiFi signal in the house. The staff? As friendly and helpful as a pod of dolphins. Dive into the great value of Hotel Isleño, where every peso stretches like the endless Caribbean horizon.

Amenities Hotel Isleño

Hotel Isleño Centro – Downtown


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