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Hotel D Gomar

Strategically located right across the street from the ferry, Hotel D Gomar is your gateway to an island escape with shops, restaurants, bars, and stunning beaches within a stone’s throw.

The front balcony and roof serve as a VIP box seat to the captivating spectacle of boats and ferries weaving their dance across the bay. The rooms, while basic, provide a clean and comfortable sanctuary complete with king or double beds, A/C, a small fridge, and a TV.

Now, the WiFi prefers to hang out in the common areas, so if you’re planning to make this your remote work base, you may need to renegotiate that deal. But if what you seek is fantastic value, warm and friendly staff, chilled A/C, and hot water ready for those refreshing showers, then you, my friend, have found your budget friendly Isla haven.

Amenities Hotel D Gomar

Hotel D Gomar Centro – Downtown


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