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Hotel Carmelina

Welcome to Hotel Carmelina, where your budget feels like a bottomless margarita and hospitality is as warm as the Caribbean sun. Perched just a coconut’s toss from Av. Hidalgo, you’re a short flip-flop away from the vibrant pedestrian street, the iconic Isla Mujeres sign, and the inviting Playa Norte.

Generations of family love pour into this humble haven, ensuring you feel like part of the clan from the moment you arrive. The rooms might be compact, but they’re packed with the basics. With a comfy bed, a snug bathroom, hot water, and chilly air conditioning, it’s your safe and sparkling clean sanctuary after a day of island exploring.

Don’t be shy to reach out to them via their Facebook page or email, but remember, this old-school gem takes reservations by phone and accepts cash only.

Amenities Hotel Carmelina

Hotel Carmelina Centro – Downtown


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