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Casitas Arcoiris

A charming rustic corner tucked at the edge of town. Here, you’re serenaded by the symphony of waves against the shore, with the Malacon and Caribbean sea painting a postcard-worthy backdrop. Plus, the town center and beaches are just a quick walk away, so you’re never far from the action.

Savour the boho vibe in the sandy common areas, bursting with colors, greenery, and delicious ocean breezes. It’s like a little rainbow of tranquility in your island adventure. Each studio comes with king, 1 or 2 double beds, basic kitchenettes for those midnight snack attacks, table and chairs for dining or working, and a private bathroom.

And yes, they’ve got A/C and WiFi, although, like many places on the island, the WiFi can be as unpredictable as a treasure map. But hey, you’re not here for the internet, you’re here for the adventure. Casitas Arcoiris is the perfect choice for the traveler who seeks simplicity and wishes to soak up the unique island charm.

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Casitas Arcoiris Centro - Downtown


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