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Casa Mimosa

Casa Mimosa, cocooned on Sac Bajo, offers a captivating experience akin to opening your eyes after a swig of tequila and finding you’ve landed on your own private beach. This sanctuary, ideal for families and friend squads, embraces you like a warm Mexican hug, whispering stories of beachside BBQs and icy margaritas under a roomy palapa-covered patio, overlooking a waterfall-embellished pool and a jacuzzi that’s always ready for a splashy gossip session.

The house unfolds itself over three floors, showcasing five en-suite bedrooms adorned with a Mexican Caribbean aesthetic, and more importantly, beds for every kind of sleeper – kings, queens, and the humble single. Head up to the palapa-crowned roof for panoramic views of the island, best enjoyed while cuddled up on a cozy seat, twilight dinner in hand.

Packed with thoughtful touches like a beach-side shower for sand-phobic toes, and strategically placed mini-fridges so you’re never too far from your next cold beverage, Casa Mimosa makes relaxation a no-brainer. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday bash, or just a “we-survived-the-week” party, Casa Mimosa has your name on the invite list.

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Casa Mimosa Sac Bajo Peninsula


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