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Casa Buena Vida

Where the sea is your neighbor, convenience is your companion, and a good life awaits you! Nestled mid-island in a lively local neighborhood, this charming abode is a stone’s throw (two blocks, to be precise) from the mesmerizing Caribbean Sea. You’re perfectly positioned to explore every delightful corner of the island, and with several local restaurants and mini-supers (that’s convenience stores, folks) within walking distance, you’ll never be short of supplies or savory treats.

The decor is a love letter to the colors of the sunrise, interspersed with an array of Mexican Caribbean touches that turn the phrase “feels like home” into a reality. When the day’s adventures have come to an end, the refreshing plunge pool stands ready to engulf you in its cooling embrace

The apartment boasts a well-equipped kitchen for all your culinary escapades, a comfy living room for those Netflix-and-chill nights, and two glorious bedrooms each with king beds, full baths, and double showers (because why have one shower when you can have two?!).

Need something? Your hosts, Lem and Christi, live upstairs and are always on call, ready to help. With Casa Buena Vida, you get a fantastic place at a price that makes your wallet feel as happy as you do!

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Casa Buena Vida Colonias - Mid Island


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